Excellent!! Best Quahogs! If you haven’t tried them, they are a “must have”. I cant wait for my next Wicked n’ Wood party. Nice job Dan!



Wicked n’ Wood did an awesome job with an order I placed for Thanksgiving….so good in fact, I have already re-ordered. If you havent tried them out, I highly recomend that you do. The food and the presentation is top notch!

Thank you, Dan!



Shout out to Wicked n’ Wood and Dan Sawyer! Incredible food, the clams casinos are amazing as is the chili and chowder! I just ordered the Quahogs and cant wait to serve them! Thanks, Dan!



Thanks for the great food, Dan!  Everything was fantastic and exceeded my expectations!



Great as usual, Dan!  Thank you.  Everything was delicious…



Your staff and your food are excellent!  Thank you!



I just wanted to say thank you again for all of the wonderful food and fantastic presentation! Everyone enjoyed all of it, all three tacos were delicious and it really was a fun way to serve food! Thank you again excellent, excellent job :-)  Oh and the salsa is awesome!! 



I was at my sisters last mi th when her food came and wow was it incredible!!!-  All of it was from the actual delivery to the fabulous blends of flavor! I have a culinary background and was a personal chef for four years, now home with my kids. So I am reaching out because I know the passion you have for your food and the work and effort that goes into it:) 

I would love to orders me chili and casinos and actually the quahogs too when you can place an order. Any time works for our family! 




Lol, sorry , Dan, that probably wasn’t appropriate but it was the first thing to come to my mind as I tried your chili and now the casinos!!! My sister had some in her freezer and she just broke it out!! I’ve never heard of wicked n wood but you should put this chili in every store around here!! Are you kidding me? Smoked pulled pork chili?!?! I have never had any chili this goid! I also would never email you to tell you but I had to!! She told me you have a backlog so good luck getting any of his but put me in the line! How longs the line? How long have you been doing this? Do you cater bbq’s? All I can say is... Wow!!!




That’s all I have to say about those casinos!!! I took a look at your website and I’m impressed! Seems like you just opened this company recently and it’s taking off!! Your approach to food is creative and your customer comments are fantastic! Those tell me a lot about your brand!! Looks like you found a nitch  and as a marketing director, your success has peaked my interest lol! Id love to hear your perspective on what you credit your success To so far. That and I want to book something!! I might Create a reason for a bash just to try you  out and get more of those casinos!! 



I had your clams casinos at the Mills earlier, they were ridiculously good!! They looked so pretty too- I know, who says that, right? Seriously, the colors were great and not only did they taste amazing, visually they made a statement!! Just wanted to share that! And order of a few dozen of course!!! Is that possible? Thanks!! 



We just finished some beyond  great quahogs!! We laughed for a few over your instructions!!! The heating ones, Sheryl told us exactly how to use the garlic honey and sweet chili line butters, I have eaten my fair share of quahogs but never had anything close to those two flavors of buster! I don’t know how you make them but they are delicious! I want to buy some of that, do you sell it? The casinos are coming out next, we will report back!! Lol 

Dan & Heather


Wicked n wood certainly has stepped onto the scene! I have had the pleasure of not only ordering as a customer but also partner on a small scale, selling their amazing BBQ sauces and signature rub! They never last for very long. One thing Dan doesn’t mention is that what they offer is unique. The food is amazing and delivers on its promise every time! It’s the service and the entire experience that they create around the food that sets them apart from the rest. With Wicked n’ Wood, you feel the passion and excitement that the owners have for this company during every delivery and every catering event. It’s starts from the order which is handle directly by Dan most of the time and no detail is ever left out, to a big bright smile and engaging personality showing up with the orders, those of you who have tired WnW know what I mean! They deliver on service and are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition! They are my go to caterer, and when you work with them, you feel like family! They put their heart and soul into everything they do from the food, to the service and delivery, to the gorgeous baskets that they offer. I don’t send too many reviews, but this one I wanted to share!