Wicked n’ Wood is where The Wicked Quahog meets Stoked Wood Grill…

What’s the Wicked Quahog? You ask a great question!

I found myself on the patio enjoying time with good friends. As usual, I broke out my stuffed quahogs and put them on the grill, just as I’ve been doing for who knows how long now. We are fortunate to live in a place where quahogs are practically in our back yard, and these have been part of the menu at our house for some time. Where there are friends, typically there are my stuffed quahogs. It’s something that I enjoy sharing and my friends seem to enjoy as well.

Friends have been telling me for a some time “You should sell these!”, but since they were talking with a mouthful, I thought they were saying “moosho shell-knees” and I had no idea what they meant by that…Until a time when friends asked if I would make some for them to buy and share with their friends and family, or keep a personal stash in their freezers for themselves. They served them to friends and family, who asked how to get their own. They gave out my number and my phone started to ring. A lot!
The Wicked Quahog has made it to some of the best parties and events on Cape Cod, throughout Massachusetts, New England, New York and beyond. They have even been smuggled out of the country by a woman that just had to bring them back to Spain! There are others that have said that they use my quahogs as an excuse to visit the Cape. Believe me when I tell you that this all goes right to my head.

And now you’re wondering about the “Wood” part and what that has to do with quahogs, right?

Well…I fell in love with grilling over red-hot hardwood coals and formed a healthy addiction for the exceptional flavors and the subtleties of using different types of wood, formulating my own rubs and sauces, etc. So naturally (while working with a gentleman in Georgia) I custom designed and had built a 14 foot barbecue/wood-grill mobile kitchen, that I affectionately referred to as “The rig”.

At this point, I was essentially running two businesses side-by-side. The Wicked Quahog and Stoked Wood Grill.

Are you starting to put the pieces together? That’s what I was trying to do too. I had a strong desire to marry the two together, and out of this marriage, Wicked n’ Wood was born! And so had been blazed the creative path to the place where surf meets turf…with a Wicked twist!

And there we have it…Wicked n’ Wood is where The Wicked Quahog meets Stoked Wood Grill… We are looking forward to spreading the word…one tasty bite at a time…